Toufic Batache

Who am I?

I am Toufic, a passionate and curious self-taught programmer, developer and UX designer. I speak Arabic, English, French and Spanish. I like working as a part of a team as much as I like being challenged. I’m planning on learning Kotlin and Machine Learning very soon. I’m confident that we can change the world to make it a better and easier place to live in and make people’s life easier with technology and apps.

How do I come up with app ideas?

I come up with my apps because I am very curious, I was wondering how many seconds I lived till this day so I created an app (Secondific) to calculate that for me! I always forget what I need to do so I made another app (Todofic) that would simply remind me what I need to get done. I create apps to help people in their daily basis and I always have app ideas in my head. Sometimes the project I make isn't really useful but I feel good making it real afterwards.

What have I done so far?

I've actually started making apps on February 16th, 2016 and the first one was the very first version of Lycee Lamartine, which isn't even available on my website to download because it was too slow! As of today, you can download it's latest version from here. The 2nd app I made was Seconds, which is the same as Secondific but with less complex code and very bad UX compared to Secondific. Then, I made STOP Smoking, an app which helps smokers quit smoking. After that, I made some other small projects like BB-8 Soundboard, Information... Following that, Secondific and Todofic were released approximately in the same period of time. My lastest projects are related with Material Components Web (MDC), WP-themes and websites.

My experience & previous work

“My work with Toufic was excellent and very calm. There was no rush or any stress during the period of making my website. My experience with the website was quite humble since I didn't know what to do but Toufic explained with the best detail possible. The website turned out to be great, many people loved it and so did I. It had all the info need and more!” -@HackFlare (