STOP Smoking

An application that will help you STOP smoking.

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DISCLAIMER : If you don't want to stop smoking, remove this application. If you REALLY want to stop, follow the steps and do what is recommended. Please READ this page before clicking on the button above!

Why stop smoking ?

I see a lot of people smoking every day, everywhere. There are people who do not smoke very often or rather NEVER and these people will have a LONGER and BETTER life. If you stop smoking, your life could change completely and you will have a safer life.

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How it works ?

When you feel that you want to smoke, this feeling takes almost 5 minutes. After these minutes, you won't need to smoke anymore. So in these 5 minutes we will suggest you something to do, just click on the "I want to smoke" button at the top when you feel that you want to smoke !

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